Commander Loftus William Jones: Fighting to the Very End!

Loftus William Jones was born in 1879 in Petersfield, Hampshire, a small town 17 miles to the north of the Naval Base at Portsmouth. His Father was Admiral Loftus Francis Jones, who retired from the Navy twenty years after his son was born in 1899. Given his Father’s position in the Royal Navy and theContinue reading “Commander Loftus William Jones: Fighting to the Very End!”

The Boy Hero: John Travers Cornwell V.C.

The 16 year old Boy Sailor stood by his shattered gun, his crew mates around him dead and dying. Despite continuing enemy fire and the exposed position he was in he stood quietly, awaiting further orders. His devotion to his duty compelled him to remain at his position “just in case he was called uponContinue reading “The Boy Hero: John Travers Cornwell V.C.”

The Fighting Bradfords: A Most Remarkable Family

In 1885 George Bradford, a mining engineer from Chirnside, a small village just North of the border, married Amy Marian Nicholson from Brabourne in Kent. Nobody could have predicted at the time that this marriage would produce one of the most remarkable fighting families Britain had ever seen. Their four sons, Thomas; George; Roland andContinue reading “The Fighting Bradfords: A Most Remarkable Family”

Norman Augustus Finch: Last Man Standing

As the prevailing wind changed dispersing the smoke screen, HMS Vindictive, the aging Arrogant Class Cruiser was hit by a torrent of fire from the German Guns on the shore. The upperworks bore the brunt of the barrage and many were injured by splinters from the battered vessel. Many of the Royal Marine Gunners inContinue reading “Norman Augustus Finch: Last Man Standing”

Surgery under Fire: The Falkland’s Combat Medics

Imagine a hospital and you probably picture a clean and clinical building with wards and surgical theatres, staffed by doctors and nurses in clean scrubs. What you probably wouldn’t picture is a freezing cold, abandoned refrigerated mutton plant in a wet, windswept and desolate bay. That is exactly what the British Field Hospital in AjaxContinue reading “Surgery under Fire: The Falkland’s Combat Medics”

October 16th, On this Day in…

Navy Wipes out a Convoy, Hits Port October 16th, 1940 The Navy has shown it’s power again. It has wiped out an entire German convoy, including the escorting Kriegsmarine vessels. After blasting Cherbourg last week they have now turned their big guns on Dunkirk, blasting the port and starting fires. The admiralty spokesman stated: “AContinue reading “October 16th, On this Day in…”

October 15th – On this Day in…

Ajax Again – Sinks 3 Italians October 15th, 1940 HMS Ajax, the famous cruiser which battered the Graf Spee in the River Plate battle , has sunk 2 Italian destroyers and, in the face of heavy odds, crippled another in two brilliant Mediterranean Actions. HMS York finished off the damaged vessel and then the navyContinue reading “October 15th – On this Day in…”

October 11th – On this Day in…

October 11th, 1940 Navy Guns Nazi Port Big guns of the Royal Navy carried out a terrific bombardment of the Nazi held port of Cherbourg. Helped by RAF spotting planes the Navy blazed away at the docks, and shipping, and the fires could be seen some forty miles away. An RAF Squadron Leader who wasContinue reading “October 11th – On this Day in…”

The Heroes of HMS Jervis Bay

HMS Jervis Bay, built by Vickers Limited in Barrow-in-Furness, and launched in 1922 started life as a Commonwealth Line steamer. In 1939 she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy and converted into an armed merchant cruiser. She was fitted with seven outdated, late 19th century 6 inch guns and two, even older 3 inch gunsContinue reading “The Heroes of HMS Jervis Bay”

7th of October

One Fatality in Long Raid 7th of October 1940 – Liverpool Hit by Waves of Planes Liverpool suffered a bombing raid for the first time in a week. Waves of enemy aircraft spent several hours over the city. Despite the extended raid there was only one reported fatality as well as slight damage to aContinue reading “7th of October”

Operation Biting: Stealing the German’s top secret radar apparatus

One of the major races of World War Two was the race to develop a reliable radar system to detect enemy aircraft early enough to send up the fighter intercept groups to shoot them down. Of course, both sides were determined to conceal their progress from the other, and the development of these systems wasContinue reading “Operation Biting: Stealing the German’s top secret radar apparatus”