The Headlines on this Day…

Monday 7th of December 1914 King George Meets King Albert and Reviews Belgium Soldiers King George’s historic visit to his soldiers is at an end, and his majesty is back in London. Regardless of all personal danger, he visited trenches while shells were bursting but a little distance away. “That is all the more reasonContinue reading “The Headlines on this Day…”

25th of October – On this Day Special

World War 1 25th of October 1917 VC Hero at Passchendaele The third battle of Ypres (Passchendaele) is now into a third month. The British currently hold Hill 60, a spoil heap on the Ypres-Comines railway. It was during this battle that 2nd Lieutenant Hugh Colvin from Burnley Earned his Victoria Cross. Colvin started hisContinue reading “25th of October – On this Day Special”

October 15th – On this Day in…

Ajax Again – Sinks 3 Italians October 15th, 1940 HMS Ajax, the famous cruiser which battered the Graf Spee in the River Plate battle , has sunk 2 Italian destroyers and, in the face of heavy odds, crippled another in two brilliant Mediterranean Actions. HMS York finished off the damaged vessel and then the navyContinue reading “October 15th – On this Day in…”

October 12th – On this Day in…

RAF Strike by Day and Night October 12th 1941 After daylight sweeps over the channel in which RAF fighters shot down seven enemy fighter aircraft for the loss of two aircraft, the RAF carried out another fierce bombing raid on the French side of the channel the same night. Large fires were set on theContinue reading “October 12th – On this Day in…”

October 11th – On this Day in…

October 11th, 1940 Navy Guns Nazi Port Big guns of the Royal Navy carried out a terrific bombardment of the Nazi held port of Cherbourg. Helped by RAF spotting planes the Navy blazed away at the docks, and shipping, and the fires could be seen some forty miles away. An RAF Squadron Leader who wasContinue reading “October 11th – On this Day in…”

On this Day in…

R.A.F. Harassing Italians Mussolini’s Desert Problems 8th of October 1940 The RAF has pursued its harassing of the Italians in Egypt with a bomber attack on a motor transport concentration and army tents near Sidi Barrani. Sidi Barrani is the farthest point attained by the Italians in last months advance into Egypt, and it isContinue reading “On this Day in…”

7th of October

One Fatality in Long Raid 7th of October 1940 – Liverpool Hit by Waves of Planes Liverpool suffered a bombing raid for the first time in a week. Waves of enemy aircraft spent several hours over the city. Despite the extended raid there was only one reported fatality as well as slight damage to aContinue reading “7th of October”

Operation Biting: Stealing the German’s top secret radar apparatus

One of the major races of World War Two was the race to develop a reliable radar system to detect enemy aircraft early enough to send up the fighter intercept groups to shoot them down. Of course, both sides were determined to conceal their progress from the other, and the development of these systems wasContinue reading “Operation Biting: Stealing the German’s top secret radar apparatus”

WW2 Flying Accidents: The Enemy Within

During the war many pilots were lost to enemy action, but in the days before ground proximity radar, gps and electronic instruments, flying accidents were a real risk. The Forest of Bowland, an upland area consisting mainly of moorland in Lancashire gained a reputation as an area that caused pilots particular difficulties, mainly due toContinue reading “WW2 Flying Accidents: The Enemy Within”

Overcoming Adversity: Group Captain Douglas Bader

By the time of the Battle of Britain Douglas Bader had already fought a major battle, not with a foreign enemy, with adversity. At the age of just 21 Bader lost both his legs in a flying accident when his wing tip hit the ground during a display of aerobatics at the Reading Aerodrome; indeedContinue reading “Overcoming Adversity: Group Captain Douglas Bader”