George William Chafer V.C. – Small in Stature; Big in Heart

George William Chafer, an orphan of a little over five feet in height was not your typical Victoria Cross recipient; indeed, he is the smallest man to ever receive the award. What he lacked in stature though, he more than made up for in courage and determination. Born in Bradford in 1894, George lost hisContinue reading “George William Chafer V.C. – Small in Stature; Big in Heart”

October 12th – On this Day in…

RAF Strike by Day and Night October 12th 1941 After daylight sweeps over the channel in which RAF fighters shot down seven enemy fighter aircraft for the loss of two aircraft, the RAF carried out another fierce bombing raid on the French side of the channel the same night. Large fires were set on theContinue reading “October 12th – On this Day in…”