Endurance by Alfred Lansing

This book would be difficult to put down as a work of fiction; the fact that it is real makes it almost impossible. The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition would be an attempt to cross the Antarctic continent for the first time. Led by experienced polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, a hand picked crew would attempt to sailContinue reading “Endurance by Alfred Lansing”

They Made the Ultimate Sacrifice: The Penlee Lifeboat Disaster

Built in Ringkøbing on the West coast of Denmark and Launched in 1981 the Union Star was an Irish registered 935 tonne 70 metre mini-bulk carrier designed for use in coastal waters. On the 19th of December 1981 she was on her maiden voyage carrying fertiliser from the Netherlands to Arklow in Ireland when disasterContinue reading “They Made the Ultimate Sacrifice: The Penlee Lifeboat Disaster”