The Christmas Truce: Humanity in times of war.

With the war a little less than 6 months old and following months of bitter fighting in rain filled muddy trenches, a most remarkable event occurred. In the midst of war we were given a stark reminder that humanity still existed. It started with an exchange of Christmas carols, and after a while a fewContinue reading “The Christmas Truce: Humanity in times of war.”

The Headlines on this Day on…

Friday 27th November 1914 Loss of HMS Bulwark: British Battleship Blown up in Sheerness Harbour While Band Played: “Tragic Accident” The battleship Bulwark was blown up at Sheerness Harbour early yesterday morning. At the time of the Explosion the band of the battleship was playing. Only twelve men were saved out of a crew whichContinue reading “The Headlines on this Day on…”