Road Traffic Collisions: A Complete Guide (PDF Download Edition)


The complete guide to road traffic collisions is now available as a PDF download for only £5.00, a huge saving on the normal Kindle and Paperback prices!


Whatever organisation you belong to, whether voluntary or statutory, if you respond to road traffic collisions or have an interest in the subject then this book is for you. Covering every aspect of road traffic collisions from the impact to the recovery and investigation phase, this book was written to help responders see the overall picture and understand the importance of their role within it. The author has 15 years experience within the fire and rescue service as an operational firefighter, incident commander, trauma care and road traffic collision instructor, as well as experience as a voluntary responder and instructor for an NHS ambulance service trust. This work has allowed the author to see the response to collisions from different perspectives. Drawing on this experience as well as consensus statements, research, current guidelines and best practice this book takes the reader through every phase of a collision with the aim of bringing some order to the often chaotic scene. Facts, figures and technical information from major vehicle manufacturers give the reader an insight into the motor industry and the anatomy of the variety of vehicles that can be found on the UK’s roads including alternative drive systems such as hybrid and electric vehicles.

(PDF Download Edition)


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