Emergency Response Field Guide (PDF Download)


Our popular field guide is now available as a PDF download for just £2.00 a saving of £4.50 on the normal Kindle price, and a massive £18.00 saving on the paperback price. I think you will agree that this represents great value for a comprehensive field guide.


Emergency responders are expected to attend an ever increasing range of complex multi-agency incidents. The amount of information we are expected to retain also seems to be on the increase. No matter how good your memory is we can’t be expected to remember everything all the time, particularly in high stress situations. Based on current best practice, national guidance and consensus statements this field guide is intended to be used as an aide memoir or checklist when carrying out rescues, assessing and treating patients or working and communicating with other agencies. Whatever organisation you respond on behalf of, whether statutory or volunteer, this guide will assist you at the vast majority of incidents that you attend.

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