Courage: Tales from the Great War


Our collection of stories from the great war now represents even greater value at just £2.00 for the PDF download edition. Stories of courage, selflessness, and self-sacrifice from World War I.


A word I often associate with war is fear, and a man who goes into war without any fear must be a rare thing indeed. Most, if not all of us have fears. For some it is spiders, some people suffer from vertigo, and others from agoraphobia. Fear is our response to something that our brain perceives to be a threat, it is what kept us safe in the past, when danger lurked around every corner, and humans did not occupy the top spot in the food chain. Despite this, in times of war we hear stories of men throwing themselves on top of a live grenade to save the lives of those around them or running into a hail of enemy bullets and artillery shells to recover the wounded. Whichever way you look at it, or however you try to rationalise things, a bullet is designed to do you harm, that is its sole purpose. So, what is it that makes people fight, and not take flight when faced with such obvious danger?

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