MS Word – Content Tables

Microsoft Word comes with a useful feature that creates automatic contents tables. But before we look at this, we need to look at adding some headings to our document.


In order to use the automatic table of contents feature you need to convert your typed headings to a Word Heading Style.

  1. Type a heading at the start of your chapter/section.
  2. Left click and drag over the heading to select it.
  3. On the ‘Styles’ tab at the top of the screen click Heading 1.
  4. The heading will be converted to that heading style.

Modify the Heading Style

You can modify the heading style to match the formatting for your document. This is a fairly simple process.

First you need to right click on the heading style you want to modify on the ‘Styles’ tab. For this example we will stick to the Heading 1 style.

Modify Headings

Click on modify and a dialogue box should pop up on your screen.

Dialogue Box

Here you can modify features such as the font, font colour, line spacing, and alignment. If you wish, you can even give the heading style a unique name.

Once you have finished click OK. All the headings in this style will be updated.

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