Is your home or business at risk from flooding? Our handy guide will show you how to find out, and what steps you can take to stay safe in the event of a flood.

Serious flooding is occurring more often than ever before, and there are a number of reasons why this may be the case: –

Climate Change


Are you at Risk?

The Environment Agency provides a searchable flood risk mapping service showing areas at risk from different types of flooding.

Surface Water FloodingSurface water flooding occurs during periods of heavy rain when drainage systems are inadequate and unable to cope with the amount of rain that is falling. Once the drainage system becomes overwhelmed the water will begin to collect on the surface.
River FloodingHeavy and persistent rain within the catchment area of a river causes river levels to rise. When the amount of water entering the river exceeds the amount of water a river can discharge, levels will begin to rise, eventually causing water to spill over onto the surrounding land.
Coastal FloodingCoastal flooding generally occurs during storms, especially during spring tides when the sea level rises and falls the most. Spring tides combined with a storm surge can cause significant flooding of properties near to the coast, or river estuaries.

Click on the preview below to access the Environment Agency Flood Mapping Service…

River Levels

There are plenty of sources of information on the web that allow those at risk to monitor river levels in their area. These provide real, or near real time data that can be used to assess the risk of a flood occurring. Click on the headings below to view each site…

Gauge Map

Gauge map provides data from the network of river gauges around the UK, displaying the data as a graph, showing normal levels, record levels, and the range at which flooding may occur.


Rainchasers provide information on river levels around the UK. The site is aimed at kayakers, but the information is useful to all.

River Webcams

Farson Digital provide access to hundreds of river webcams around the UK with many showing live streaming images of river conditions.

Flood and Weather Warnings

If you live in an area at risk from flooding, then you probably already keep one eye on the weather. As well as weather reports, the Met Office also provides weather warnings, giving advanced notice of potentially severe weather.

Flood warnings are provided by the Environment Agency and are available online and via social media alerts. Alternatively you can sign up to receive flood warnings via phone, text message, or email.

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