It Will Never Happen to me!

How many of you have honestly thought that something bad will never happen to you? Sub consciously many people believe this. It’s reassuring, after all, we don’t want to go through life worrying about everything.

There is another way of reducing worry though, and that is preparedness. Knowing what you should do in an emergency, is far better than believing it will never happen, and then it does, because sometimes it just does.

Now, I’m not talking about building underground bunkers, and stocking up with three months worth of food, there are far simpler things you can do to keep you and your family safe.

First rule; prevention is better than cure. It is far better for example, to take steps to prevent a fire occurring in your home, than it is to have to escape from one.

Second rule; basic preparation can make all the difference, knowing where all the exits are in an unfamiliar building for example, or carrying a basic first aid kit in the car. The little things can make a big difference if the worst happens.

Third rule; remain calm. Panic is contagious, as is a calm head. Panic serves no purpose, it clouds your judgement and can lead to poor decision making. Many disasters throughout history have been exacerbated by mass panic. One panicking person leads to another, and another until it becomes an avalanche.

It is one thing to advise someone to remain calm, and another to get them to do it in an emergency though. It’s far easier said than done. Follow rules one and two though, and number three becomes a lot easier.

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