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Saturday 30th November 1940

Cologne Rocked for Third Time in a Week

R.A.F. Batter Roads, Railways and Docks


Smashing at Cologne for the third time this week, the R.A.F. made a successful attack on communications and inland port installations, the air ministry revealed this afternoon.

On Wednesday night the city got what was described as one of its heaviest attacks for some time, while on Tuesday the city was raided twice, one attack lasting some hours.

While London was bearing its heaviest attack for some time, our planes also bombed the naval shipyards at Bremen. Other forces of aircraft attacked the ports of Boulogne and Le Havre.

Sunday 30th November 1941

Submarines’ Great Triumph in Arctic Ocean

8 Nazi Ships Sunk: 4 More ‘Probable’

HMS Trident (N52)

Fourteen Nazi transports and supply ships on their way to the Murmansk front with men and munitions for Hitler’s armies in North Russia have been sunk or damaged by British submarines.

Eight ships, two of which are known to have been transports laden with troops, have been sunk. Four others were probably sunk, and two others damaged. An Admiralty communique said:

“H.M. Submarines operating in Arctic waters have been inflicting severe losses upon German troop transports and supply vessels carrying reinforcements of men and material to the German armies on the Murmansk front.”

“HMS Tigris (Commander H. F. Bone, D.S.O. D.S.C R.N.) has sunk five enemy ships and seriously damaged a sixth by Torpedo.”

“HMS Trident (Commander G. M. Sladen D.S.C. R.N.) has successfully attacked seven enemy transport and supply ships.”

Monday 30th November 1942

We Cut Bizerta Rail Link

Port of Bizerta

The Allies, making a new advance in Tunisia, have cut the rail link between Bizerta and Tunis. Troops moving in on Bizerta itself are forging ahead at a point twenty miles from the great port.

The British First Army is reported to be within gun range of Tunis. Morocco radio said last night that the enemy is being forced to retreat in face of Allied pressure in the Bizerta – Tunis sector. A communique from Allied Force Headquarters last evening said:

“Allied forces have occupied Djedeirda, north-east of Tebourba and twelve miles west of Tunis. Operations in the vicinity of Mateur (twenty miles from Bizerta) are proceeding satisfactorily.”

Tuesday 30th November 1943

8th Breaks into Winter Line

“Our Advance Continues”

5th Army Takes Town in Centre Attack

The 8th Army made up of British and Empire troops has broken into the main defence of the enemy’s intended “winter line” near the Adriatic coast of Italy, says this afternoon’s Allied Communique, giving news of the “Colossal Crack” offensive which opened on Sunday.

The bridgehead at the mouth of the Sangro has been enlarged to a depth of four miles and a width of twelve miles and “our advance is continuing.”

Thursday 30th November 1944

Bombs in Letterbox Raid Feat

Hawker Typhoon

Thousand Pound bombs were delivered through the letterbox of a house in Rotterdam by Typhoon Rocket Bombers in one of the most accurate and daring attacks ever made by the R.A.F.

Eight high priority targets ranging from this house on the corner of a tree shaded square, to an ancient moated castle where important formations of the German Army were believed to be gathered, were successfully dealt with by Spitfire and Typhoon Bombers.

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