Role Models: Now and Then

Every day, often from the moment we wake we are bombarded by media. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube; the list goes on. There is so much out there it can be hard to distinguish between real and fake news.

Captain the Rev. Edward Mellish V.C. A true role model

In this social media world we have a new generation of “celebrities” to whom the youth of today look up to. A generation of young people harbour ambitions to be famous when they grow up. What I think is missing are real role models.

Only a small percentage of people will succeed in this, yet many who harbour these ambitions have a plan B. They look at their social media icons and believe that it the way things should be, that somehow they are entitled to fame and fortune.

George Peachment V.C. Sacrificed himself to try and save another

Those who have gained real success from social media have my respect. They have seen an opportunity and taken it. But what is missing in some cases is responsibility. We are living in a society where an increasing number of people have all the rights in the world, but do not seem to understand the responsibility that comes with these rights.

Go back a little over 100 years ago, and people truly understood the responsibility that comes with having rights. Men from all backgrounds volunteered to go away and fight against tyranny and oppression. They understood that the rights they enjoy came with great responsibility.

I’m not saying that some people today need to go to war, what I’m saying is that instead thinking they have an automatic right to everything, they should take a little responsibility for themselves. The NHS is not there to provide free paracetamol every time we sprain an ankle, or get a toothache, you can pick them up yourself for less than 50 pence; it’s called self-care.

Ernest Shackleton knew the true meaning of responsibility

So instead of relying on others, let’s all take a little responsibility for ourselves. Let’s look up to those who sacrificed themselves for our freedoms, those who thought of others before themselves, and did their bit for the country. Be resilient, look after yourself where you can; save the emergency services for genuine emergencies; think of others; work hard; be courageous, and remember that great things come with great responsibilities.

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