The Headlines on November 1st in…

World War 1

1st November 1914

Turkey Breaks with Britain

The British Embassy in Constantinople

The Turkish Government has summarily ended all communication with the British embassy in Constantinople. The British Government must now take whatever action necessary to protect British interests and territory, and Egypt from attacks made or threatened.

1st November 1918

Turkey Unreservedly Surrenders to the Allies

Turkish Troops Surrender

Turkey now definitely out of the war. The Turkish armies will lay down their arms, all prisoners in the hands of the Turks are to be release immediately, and the allied fleets are to be given free passage through the Dardanelles. Vice-Admiral Sir S. A. Gough-Calthorpe signed the armistice on behalf of the allies.

World War 2

1st November 1939



Russia remains neutral and will try to stop the war; they demand a free hand in international affairs. M. Molotov, the Russian Premier laid down these lines of policy in his speech to the Supreme Soviet in Moscow last night.

He began by blaming Britain for the war. “During the past few months” he said, “the definition of aggression and the aggressor has changed. Germany is now striving for peace, and Britain, which up until yesterday was for peace, is now for war.”

1st November 1945


Independence Forces

Seven hundred Gurkha troops are in peril in Magelang, Eastern Java where fighting broke out yesterday with Indonesian Nationalists, agitating for independence from the Dutch. The Gurkhas are far outnumbered by the Nationalists and more of the rebels are reportedly on their way to this new storm centre in the Netherlands East Indies.

Post War

1st November 1950


Mr Atlee yesterday defended the Government’s determination – announced in the King’s speech – to take permanent powers to regulate production and trade, and to control prices. It has these powers already under wartime legislation which only last week, was renewed for a year, and the Prime Minister, emphasising that the main object is to preserve full employment, asked: “Why should we not make these powers permanent?”

In Other News

1st November 1960

‘I’VE DONE IT’ Cries Farah as the Shah Dances a Jig

After giving birth to an 8lb. 13oz. boy yesterday, Queen Farah of Persia looked up at the Shah from her hospital bed and said: I’ve done it… I’ve done it.”

And later, said doctors, the forty one year old Shah “danced a jig.” The baby prince, his full name will be Reza Koorosh Ali, is the first heir to the Peacock throne from the Shah’s three marriages.

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