It’s Rubbish, but let’s all do our Bit!

Covid-19 is a wretched pandemic that has caused thousands of deaths in the UK. 2020 has been a bit of a write off, and there is no guarantee that 2021 will start off any better than this year ends.

NHS Staff

Another thing it has shown us is that there are good people in society, and there are selfish people in society, and that has probably always been the way of things.

What is important right now is that we all take responsibility for looking after ourselves, and each other. Complaining about panic buyers on social media is not going to achieve much; those who want to will, regardless of what is written. The thing is, we tend to be friends, or follow like minded people on social media, so whilst everyone will agree with what we are saying, the message probably won’t get through to those who don’t.

Let’s learn the lessons of the last lockdown. There is no need to stock up on items. If we all shop responsibility supply chains will be able to cope and everyone will be able to get what they need. The supermarkets will remain open throughout, and for the benefit of each other and the hardworking staff we will all have to wear a mask. It’s not really a big deal. On the 11th we will fall silent to remember those who went through far worse to defend the freedom we enjoy. When you look at what people had to go through in the trenches in World War 1; it simply doesn’t compare.

Trench Life WW1

Check in on your friends and family. It doesn’t have to be face to face, we have Zoom; Teams; Skype; FaceTime and many other ways of staying in touch, even if it’s just a quick phone call to say hello, how are you?

Whether you agree with the lockdown or not, it’s happening, and we need to do what we in Britain do best, and make the best of a bad situation. We have done it once we can do it again. The good times will return, as they have every time we have faced adversity.

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