Lose Yourself in a Book: A Review of Amazon’s Fire Tablet

Whatever your hobbies or whatever it is that interests you there will normally be a book written about it. Reading is a great way to learn new things, or explore new places that are currently beyond our reach. There are millions of titles out there to choose from; there are the works of fiction that transport you too another world, or another time and place, or biographies about our historical heroes.

I like nothing more than escaping reality for a few hours by reading about the exploits of a great explorer such as Ernest Shackleton, or the swashbuckling tales of David Stirling, Paddy Mayne and their band of piratical desert raiders; made all the better by the fact that they are true stories.

My house is littered with books, and keeping them organised can be somewhat of a challenge. I have always been a fan of ‘real’ books; I can never put my finger on why, I just am, but recently I discovered the convenience of eBooks. I bought myself an Amazon Fire Tablet, partly because they are cheaper than buying a Kindle and partly because you can watch films via Netflix or Amazon Prime.

In comparison to some other tablets they are very reasonably priced, albeit without the functionality of some of the more expensive models. The main reason for purchase was the Kindle function, for which I haven’t been disappointed; I now have hundreds of new books without having to purchase a new bookcase and take up even more space in the house.

As well as the Kindle function I have also downloaded apps such as BBC iPlayer, 4 on Demand, and 5 Player, allowing me to catch up on my favourite shows. The screens on most devices in the range are large enough to enjoy the programmes, and even the non-hd devices offer a quality picture.

The web browser isn’t the best in comparison with Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox, but it serves a purpose especially as it wasn’t the real reason for the purchase.

I purchased the Fire 7 Tablet, with a 7” screen and 32gb of memory. The memory can be upgraded by adding a micro SD card if you need more space for books and films. It weighs in at just under 300g and is small enough to fit in some pockets, making it nice and portable. Although it doesn’t come with 4g functionality, the ability to download most content means than this is no more than a minor inconvenience.

Fire 7 Tablet

In terms of price, Amazon have a device to suit most budgets, and they can be paid for in 5 easy, interest free instalments. On top of the purchase price you will find that an eBook normally costs only a fraction of the cost of a paperback.

If it is portable entertainment you are looking for, at a reasonable price I would definitely recommend a Fire Tablet. There are plenty of great offers on subscription services too, including free trials allowing you to try before you buy.

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