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Established in 2019, RG Books develops and publishes learning materials for emergency responders. Our aim is to provide high quality learning materials to complement the work carried out by emergency responders in the UK.

We at RG Books believe that learning is a lifelong process, and the acquisition of new knowledge can enhance our lives, open up new opportunities, and broaden our horizons.

Latest from the RG Blog

Anger: What’s the point?

Can you imagine what life would be like if people behaved in the supermarket, like many do on the roads? Shouting aggressively at someone for cutting you up with their trolley, pushing your trolley inches from the person in front because they are taking their time. It wouldn’t be seen as acceptable behaviour, and most … Continue reading “Anger: What’s the point?”

It Will Never Happen to me!

How many of you have honestly thought that something bad will never happen to you? Sub consciously many people believe this. It’s reassuring, after all, we don’t want to go through life worrying about everything. There is another way of reducing worry though, and that is preparedness. Knowing what you should do in an emergency, … Continue reading “It Will Never Happen to me!”

Simple Skills Save Lives!

Every year in the UK there are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. The survival rate from these in the UK is around 1 in every 10. In parts of the United States, Seattle in particular, the survival rates are far greater. This means that only around 3000 people will survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest … Continue reading “Simple Skills Save Lives!”